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Name Cheap And Coupons

Hello Guys ,
Here Some Coupons For Domain Registration and Hosting. .


WhoisGuard 99c per year

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Name Cheap: $1 off on domain transfers to namecheap

Discount on com/net/org/biz transfers and registrations (discount varies by TLD). .DE domain new registrations are $6.40. Limit 30 domains per customer.


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25% Off Site wide including Premium Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and More!

Domain Names for only $2.50 (Normally $35). Use Promo Code Now and Save Up to 93%! Valid for a limited time only, register your domain today.

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65% OFF .COM, .CO, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO,and .US DOMAINS (first year only)
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GoDaddy Coupons For Domain And Hosting

Hello Guys, Save today with a GoDaddy coupon for your domain and website needs and feel safe with GoDaddy SSL certificates. High quality and low prices get even lower with a GoDaddy discount code, the latest GoDaddy promo code and FatWallet cash back. If you’re looking for a GoDaddy renewal, search coupons to find the best coupon code for your needs. Go Daddy to get savings on hosting your website.

GoDaddy Coupons For Domain And Hosting
There Are Some Coupons For GoDaddy Domain Registration:-

$7.99 for .coms or $3.50 off Orders Coupon Codes:

1 Year Domain Registration $1 for .com, .org, .net, .biz, and more Coupon Code:

25% off for New Customers Coupon Code:

$10 off $50+ Coupon Code:

10% off (Works on renewals) Coupon Code:

80% Off SSL Certificates - Only $12.99 for the 1st year
No Coupons needed

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Friday, 29 June 2012

GoDaddy Coupons & Promo Codes


For 15% off order over $75.00:-

$7.99 .com Registration:-

3 Months Economy hosting for $1.99 per month:-

20% off Hosting plans of 12+ Month

10% off Orders

$5 off order over $30.00

$10 off order over $50.00

$5.99 .COM offer

To Get This Coupons Click Here And Register Your Domain And In Last Step Enter This Promo Code And Get Discount. .

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Get a Free domain


Get a Free domain with DNS service! free domain name works exactly like a .com

 Free Domain Name – Free that is a free domain name of domain.

Free Short URL – CO.CC provides one of the shortest free web address or url on the net. What can be shorter than a domain name? – Only a free domain name.

 DNS Service – Free to delegate domain like a .com. You can choose any free DNS which you prefer.

  Zone Records – CO.CC supports for CNAME, A, MX, NS records! You can point your new domain name to any webhosting that you like. 

 Free URL Redirection – also known as free URL forwarding or domain forwarding service to redirect your free domain name to your real website address.

 Free URL Cloaking  – also known as Free URL Masking. It is used to mask a real website address with the free domain name. So, your free domain name will always be in the location bar of your website visitors’ web browser.

 No banners & No Popups – Actually, NO ADS at all and CO.CC is not going to add them in future. Enjoy CO.CC free and banner free service!

Business Address

How to Contact us 
 Telephone : +82-31-919-6171
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Best Site For Domain Registration And Web Hosting

Hello Guys,

Best Site For Domain Registration And Web HostingAfter surveying i got one best website for Domain registaation, Web hosting and many more. . .

It Is

In this web site you can register your domain in lowest price and also get some discounts threw coupons and many more. . .

Go Daddy offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions. We've earned our place as the world's #1 ICANN-accredited domain registrar by delivering world-class products at competitive prices and supporting them with industry-best service, delivered 24/7/365. We're proud to serve our customers from locations around the world, including Arizona, Iowa, Colorado, Washington D.C., Singapore and The Netherlands.
Go Daddy is the world's largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider *
More than 53 million domain names under management
Go Daddy registers, renews or transfers more than one domain name every second of every day
Go Daddy is larger than the next 8 closest registrar competitors combined
Go Daddy is the largest hosting provider of secure websites in the world
More than 10 million customers
Go Daddy is the world's largest provider of net-new SSL certificates
Go Daddy has more than 40 product offerings
Founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons as Jomax Technologies
the Go Daddy group of companies includes three ICANN-accredited domain name registrars: flagship registrar, LLC, membership-based Blue Razor Domains, LLC, and reseller Wild West Domains, LLC
Private domain name registration services through Domains By Proxy, LLC
More than 3,300 employees and 500 in-house developers with no outsourcing.
24/7, 365 Round-the-clock Customer Care operations with no outsourcing
Eight facilities, maintaining operations in Arizona, Iowa, Colorado and Washington, D.C.

Marketing Opportunities is always interested in requests to invest in outside companies, as well as advertising proposals, marketing inquiries and sponsorship opportunities. If you'd like to partner with Go Daddy, submit your inquiry for consideration following the guidelines below:

Marketing, Advertising or Sponsorships:

Email your Overview to Include a brief outline of your proposed opportunity detailing:

A link to your Web site
Background information on your business and why it's a good fit for 
A profile of your typical customer or site visitor, and the potential for them to become a customer
An explanation of your opportunity and its potential exposure
Cost information
Business Investment

Email an Executive Summary of your business plan to It should be no longer than five pages and should include:
Business and Products
Company's business
Product or service description
Development schedule
Price point

Historic and projected sizes in dollars

Sales channels
Competitive advantages

Leadership Team
Management background
Board members

Historic and projected P&L
Projected cash flow
Current balance sheet
Projected head count by area(i.e., sales, marketing, engineering, Q&A) 

Amounts raised
You can also mail your submission to:
14455 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Free .com Domain

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Free .com Domain
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IT's Give Free domain (.com)
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Get a Free Domain Name

Hello Guys, This Is Free Domain. .

For This Domain Click Here
Get a Free Domain Name

Dot TK is a FREE domain registry for all websites on the Internet. It has exactly the same power as other domain extensions, but it's free! Because it's free, millions of others have been using .TK domains since 2001 - which makes .TK powerful and very recognizable.

About Dot TK

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, the countries communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. The Government of Tokelau has appointed BV Dot TK as the exclusive registration entity. BV Dot TK is doing business as the Dot TK Registry.

The Dot TK Registry is privately funded and has offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (United Kingdom) and Douglas (Isle of Man). With its management team, an experienced staff, multi-redundant backbones in all the countries and DNS root-servers located in every corner of the world, Dot TK can handle millions of registrations.

The Dot TK Registry acknowledges Dot TK can have a big social impact on the lives of the people in Tokelau. The primary goal for both Teletok and the Dot TK Registry is to increase the awareness of Tokelau in the world, establishing relationships with larger corporations who can provide communication, education and medical expertise to the region and directly fund the island of Tokelau with royalty fees paid over domain names sold. This way the Government of Tokelau can grow towards a more financially independent situation.

Dot TK's mission statement:

The mission of the Dot TK Registry is to create a network of individuals, and companies that have an existing Internet presence and have these users register a Dot TK domain name to provide a free, short, easy and secure alternative name for their Internet identity; where the proceeds of the Dot TK Registry goes partly towards development projects on the Islands of Tokelau.
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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Technical requirements and process


Technical requirements and process
In the process of registering a domain name and maintaining authority over the new name space created, registrars use several key pieces of information connected with a domain:
Administrative contact. A registrant usually designates an administrative contact to manage the domain name. The administrative contact usually has the highest level of control over a domain. Management functions delegated to the administrative contacts may include management of all business information, such as name of record, postal address, and contact information of the official registrant of the domain and the obligation to conform to the requirements of the domain registry in order to retain the right to use a domain name. Furthermore the administrative contact installs additional contact information for technical and billing functions.
Technical contact. The technical contact manages the name servers of a domain name. The functions of a technical contact include assuring conformance of the configurations of the domain name with the requirements of the domain registry, maintaining the domain zone records, and providing continuous functionality of the name servers (that leads to the accessibility of the domain name).
Billing contact. The party responsible for receiving billing invoices from the domain name registrar and paying applicable fees.
Name servers. Most registrars provide two or more name servers as part of the registration service. However, a registrant may specify its own authoritative name servers to host a domain's resource records. The registrar's policies govern the number of servers and the type of server information required. Some providers require a hostname and the corresponding IP address or just the hostname, which must be resolvable either in the new domain, or exist elsewhere. Based on traditional requirements (RFC 1034), typically a minimum of two servers is required.

Domain names may be formed from the set of alphanumeric ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), but characters are case-insensitive. In addition the hyphen is permitted if it is surrounded by a characters or digits, i.e. it is not the start or end of a label. Labels are always separated by the full stop (period) character in the textual name representation.
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Second-level and lower level domains


Below the top-level domains in the domain name hierarchy are the second-level domain (SLD) names. These are the names directly to the left of .com, .net, and the other top-level domains. As an example, in the domain, co is the second-level domain.

Second-level and lower level domains
Next are third-level domains, which are written immediately to the left of a second-level domain. There can be fourth- and fifth-level domains, and so on, with virtually no limitation. An example of an operational domain name with four levels of domain labels is The www preceding the domains is the host name of the World-Wide Web server. Each label is separated by a full stop (dot). 'sos' is said to be a sub-domain of '', and 'state' a sub-domain of '', etc. In general, subdomains are domains subordinate to their parent domain. An example of very deep levels of subdomain ordering are the IPv6 reverse resolution DNS zones, e.g.,, which is the reverse DNS resolution domain name for the IP address of a loopback interface, or the localhost name.

Second-level (or lower-level, depending on the established parent hierarchy) domain names are often created based on the name of a company (e.g.,, product or service (e.g., Below these levels, the next domain name component has been used to designate a particular host server. Therefore, might be an FTP server, would be a World Wide Web server, and could be an email server, each intended to perform only the implied function. Modern technology allows multiple physical servers with either different (cf. load balancing) or even identical addresses (cf. anycast) to serve a single hostname or domain name, or multiple domain names to be served by a single computer. The latter is very popular in Web hosting service centers, where service providers host the websites of many organizations on just a few servers.

The hierarchical DNS labels or components of domain names are separated in a fully qualified name by the full stop (dot, .).

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Top-level domains


The top-level domains such as .com and .net and .org are the highest level of domain names of the Internet. A top-level domain is also called a TLD. Top-level domains form the DNS root zone of the hierarchical Domain Name System. Every domain name ends in a top-level or first-level domain label.

Top-level domains
When the Domain Name System was devised, in the 1980s, the domain name space was divided into two main groups of domains.The country code top-level domains (ccTLD) were primarily based on the two-character territory codes of ISO-3166 country abbreviations. In addition, a group of seven generic top-level domains (gTLD) was implemented which represented a set of categories of names and multi-organizations. These were the domains Gov[ernment], Edu[cation], Com[mercial], Mil[itary], Org[anisations], Net[work], and Int[ernational].

During the growth of the Internet, it became desirable to create additional generic top-level domains. As of October 2009, there are 21 generic top-level domains and 250 two-letter country-code top-level domains.In addition, the ARPA domain serves technical purposes in the infrastructure of the Domain Name System.

During the 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting in Paris in 2008,ICANN started a new process of TLD naming policy to take a "significant step forward on the introduction of new generic top-level domains." This program envisions the availability of many new or already proposed domains, as well a new application and implementation process. Observers believed that the new rules could result in hundreds of new top-level domains to be registered.

IANA has published an annotated list of top-level domains in the root zone database. Wikipedia holds a list of Internet top-level domains.
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All Domain

All Domain
This Site Gives You All information about domains of Website and also give web hosting plans. . . 

There Are Many Types Of Domains. . .
They Are Here,

And Many more. . .

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